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5 Year Guarantee

Labor & parts.
Accessories & profile.
Our maintenance teams are available 18hrs a day to ensure your comfort.

Exclusive agent of Lumon Finland

All Lumon products sold at SHAMMAS Aluminium are 100% made in Finland.

Technical Information


  1. Four stainless steel rivets and silicone for each glass panel.
  2. glass curtains safety

  3. LUMON enjoys a locking system for safety and ventilation device for the winter.
  4. balcony glazing

  5. LUMON enjoys an interlock system keeping the panels from failing while they are open.
  6. Lumon balcony glazing Lebanon   Glass curtains safety

  7. Wind Load is 175km/hr according to:
    VIT laboratory in Finland
    Research Scientist Taru Haimala
    VIT Building Technology
    P.O.Box 18011
    FIN-02044 VIT
    Tel + 358 9 456 4933
    Fax + 358 9 456 7006

Heavy duty and lasting product

The sturdy aluminium profiles and toughened glass used in all Lumon balcony-glazing systems ensure good burglary protection. Lumon balcony glass panes cannot be opened by children.


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