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5 Year Guarantee

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Exclusive agent of Lumon Finland

All Lumon products sold at SHAMMAS Aluminium are 100% made in Finland.


Enjoy the view of rain coming down on your Glass Curtains while using your balcony for extra saloon, living room, computer room, etc.

Peace and quiet

The Lumon balcony glazing system effectively reduces noise from the outside environment. Tests have shown that balcony glazing decreases the noise level on a balcony by more than 50%.


The sturdy aluminium profiles and toughened glass used in all Lumon balcony-glazing systems ensure good burglary protection. Lumon balcony glass panes cannot be opened by children.

Shapes and forms

The glass curtains can be installed in various balcony shapes including circular. The Lumon panes also come in various heights and widths to make it possible to design tailored solutions that blend in with the appearance of your building.

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