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Foldable Mosquito Net System

Glass curtains lebanon, foldable mosquito net
Flexible system that fits all glass curtain structures.
Totally foldable!
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Too busy to come to us?

Email us a picture of your balcony and the height between the handrail to the ceiling and handrail to the ground, we will provide you a quotation in no time.

5 Year Guarantee

Labor & parts. Accessories & profile.
Our maintenance teams are available 18hrs a day to ensure your comfort.

Exclusive agent of Lumon Finland

All Lumon products sold at SHAMMAS Aluminium are 100% made in Finland.

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Sick of excuses?

Technician is sick? Car broke down?
Walls can not be alligned?

Our Quality Control Team will act on behalf of the customer to guarantee the success of our services.

Our technicians hand over all production to our Quality Control engineers in order to be supervised and provide a detailed report to the administration.

If you have any complaints or maintenance requests, please write to our maintenance team and we will get back to you.

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